Tips to Reduce Excessive Armpit Sweating

Folks all over the globe today constantly struggle with the problem of excessive armpit sweating. The figures that corroborate this fact are staggering with over 1 million people in the US alone finding themselves suffering from "Hyperhidrosis" or overactive sweat glands. Some of the methods for reducing and effectively getting rid of the excessive armpit sweating problem are as follows:

Concentrate on clothing:

The most embarrassing result of having excessively sweaty armpits is that they leave stains and patches on the clothes. For those having this problem of visible sweat rings on the underarm seams of the shirts, they can easily disguise them by wearing darker colored lightweight fabric. First of all this helps to prevent triggering sweat  by being lightweight, but even if you start sweating it’s very difficult to tell when you are wearing dark blues, browns and blacks.

Another method to stop excessive armpit sweating is to wear looser fitting clothing. While wearing tight fitting clothes the body is not allowed adequate ventilation and they retain heat - in turn causing sweating. Loose fitting shirt allows the armpits to breathe and minimize the amount you sweat.

Keep Cool:

The sweat glands work excessively when our bodies heat up past the point of temperature comfort. Those who find yourselves beginning to sweat, must find themselves a cool dry place to stand in for a small period of time. Splashing some water on the forehead will also help in instant cooling.

Don't Stress:

Stress is something that augments sweating. Those who find themselves sweating excessively and start to panic or begin to  get nervous about people noticing, are more prone to excessive sweating and this might create a viscous cycle. The Central nervous System controls sweating and while being anxious this problem exaggerates. While feeling stressed out people should try to remain calm and also try to find a cool and calm place.

Know your triggers:

Those who have the problem of excessive armpit sweating should take note of the times and situations they sweat as this can give a clue on how to go about managing excessive sweating. Discreetly take note of the situation, temperature and environment that you sweat excessively for e.g. some people tend to sweat excessively while having spicy food and hence must cut down on spicy food to sweat less.

Get Help Online:

Internet is the best place for finding remedies for hyperhidrosis or excessive armpit sweating. There are lots of great products sold discreetly online that can be of great help in curing sweating problem for good. There are also books and other materials that are available online that can help in finding the suitable remedy. There are also many websites that provide assistance in finding means and ways of controlling the excessive armpit sweating.

It is important to realize that you don’t have to put up with excessively sweaty armpits and overactive sweat glands. These can be easily managed by the tips provided above and one can be easily cured of excessive sweating in an easy and non-expensive manner.

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