Home Remedies for Excessive Armpit Sweating

Sweating regulates the excess body temperature of a person.  Apart from this, sweating of a person also helps in getting rid of excess toxins and other body fluids in the human body and also eliminates the bacteria in the skin. These are some of the beneficial functions of sweating though there is also a downside to it as in some people it hinders them to function properly in the society or environment they are working.

Lots of people try deodorants and soaps thinking that this can help kill the harmful bacteria in the skin that really cause a person's sweating.  But some people are not aware of the fact that when they use a deodorant or a soap that is not compatible to him it can cause even more bacteria in the skin. The bacteria remain in the skin and this sets off a foul smell. Hence it is very much important for a person to search for a deodorant and soap that suits him. There also others who look for more natural ways to keep the body free from body odor as a result of excessive armpit sweating. Some items that are found regularly in homes can help in preventing bacteria that cause the excessive sweating of a person.

One of the home remedies for reducing the excessive armpit sweating is drinking tomato juice. And also diet control can help in minimizing sweating in a person. Drinking large quantity of water everyday also helps in regulating body fluids and also blood circulation and this then helps a person sweat regularly. Drinking about six to eight glasses of water everyday really can help a person to maintain a healthy lifestyle. These home remedies for controlling excessive armpit sweating are not only easy to do but also does not need much money. Nevertheless a person can always try surgery to cure the situation as a last resort, though it is always advisable to try these home remedies for excessive armpit sweating first. Another simple home remedy to reduce the excessive underarm sweating is shaving the underarm to avoid bacteria accumulation.

Also drinking sage tea can be helpful in reducing excessive underarm sweating. Sage tea must be drunk two to four times a day in order to effectively control the excessive sweating. Other home remedies for controlling the excessive armpit sweating includes powdering the underarm by cotton wool pads soaked in baking soda. Another remedy that can be tried for reducing excessive armpit sweating is mixing baking soda with lemon juice and then rubbing it in the area where it sweats excessively. These items can be seen easily in any kitchen and a person can use these products instantly and achieve the intended results.

Also avoiding alcohol, cigarette and drugs are the other very common home remedies for reducing excessive armpit sweating. These harmful products cause a delay in the blood circulation and thus make it harder for the body to control excessive sweating. Hence avoiding these chemicals can help to decrease a person’s sweating. Apart from these avoiding spicy and sweet foods also can be helpful.


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